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Backed by leading technologies

From low-wind to offshore, and even typhoon-resistant models, explore our full range of solutions to see how Envision wind turbines can support your needs, whatever the challenge.

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Built on Our Innovation

Advanced R&D puts our turbines ahead of the pack

From superior performance at low wind speeds to dynamic voltage and self-learning pitch control algorithms, Envision wind turbines pack a suite of benefits, backed by our strong R&D heritage. A host of proprietary technologies and innovations puts Envision’s products ahead of the curve. With improved efficiencies and flexible fleet management, we’re ready to meet your needs today and build a sustainable tomorrow.

Our Clients

With a track record you can rely on

Envision has a history of partnering with the world’s largest wind farm developers and operators, delivering projects throughout China, South America, Europe and beyond.

World-Class Quality

Our no-compromise approach

We hold ourselves and our suppliers to the highest quality standards. Our first-generation products have already received GL, WINDTEST and DEWI certifications, while our Supply Quality Engineering (SQE) system ensures stringent quality and technical criteria are met by every component that enters the Envision assembly line.


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