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The Solar Story

Expanding beyond wind power

We are building outstanding solar capabilities and portfolios, leveraging years of experiences and accomplishments in wind energy management and optimization. Our Wind OS Management System manages the life cycle of more than 20GW of our customer’s wind generation assets.

In 2015 we expanded into the PV solar energy segment through the introduction of the Apollo PlatformTM – a comprehensive PV Asset Management solution. Apollo is currently deployed at more than 120 sites in 15 provinces in China, managing more than 1GW of solar generation capacity, and is gradually expanding to serve global markets.

Apollo PlatformTM

A comprehensive & integrated solution

The Apollo PlatformTM is a complete life cycle management solution for solar energy assets. With its Service-Oriented Architecture, Apollo provides cloud-based and data-driven tools and services for comprehensive asset management. Apollo CloudTM works in conjunction with Apollo SCADATM/DASTM or 3rd-party at-site systems to offer fleet and enterprise level applications and services.

Welcome to Apollo CloudTM

Flexible. Scalable. Extensible.

Full life-cycle asset management Apollo services catalogue.

Our Approach

Apollo CloudTM integrates Operation Technology and Information Technology domains, which enable:

  • Optimized business processes
  • Enhanced information & insights for improved decisions
  • Reduced overall operational costs
  • Lower project & operational risks

Utility Scale Solar

Apollo asset management services

Solution Philosophy:

Responsive. Predictive. Collaborative.

We offer a unified Enterprise Asset Management Platform supporting geographically dispersed capital intensive solar assets that are owned and operated by our customers with specific financial and operational performance targets.

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Apollo OSTM
Monitoring and Control

Apollo OSTM provides monitoring and control functionalities for solar power plants. The system is accessed locally to support operation management. Fleet-level monitoring and control is supported over the Apollo CloudTM from customers’ Remote Command Center (RCC).

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Apollo PATM
Performance Analytics

We are often asked by developers, EPC’s, and plant investors and owners how a solar PV plant can be “optimized” - it is also not uncommon for a plant to perform below its original baseline expectations which can result in a significant negative financial impact.

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Generation Solar

Apollo Asset Management Solution

The Apollo PlatformTM is a cost-optimized solution with rich features in standard packages designed for various deployment models within the global market. Its cloud-based architecture is suitable for fleet-level monitoring and management of distributed solar assets.

  • Unified platform for mixed asset portfolios across different regions
  • Analytics (operational and financial) for fleet-level monitoring and control
  • Tools and services for performance, availability, fault, and improvement reports
  • Services to support investment asset management functions and oversight


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