Solar Power

Maximize ROI through cloud-based asset management solutions.
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Envision's Approach

We are a leading renewable energy monitoring and analytics solution provider. Our Solar domain offering includes a comprehensive SaaS application suite enabled by our EnOS platform. Clients are able to maximize their ROI by increasing energy production, improving operational efficiency, and having better contractual oversight.

We begin with a thorough data quality assessment and delivery of industry standard KPIs enabling users to track yield, performance, and downtime. When unexpected KPI patterns are observed, users can use our comprehensive energy loss breakdown analysis to gain more insight about the root cause. We categorize aggregated losses, giving monetary visibility in each category and also comparing to expected values. Finally, our corrective actions make it easy for users to proactively drive field issues towards timely resolutions.

Major utilities, independent power producers (IPPs), financial institutions, O&M service providers, and EPCs rely on us to provide asset operation and performance management solutions for their renewable asset portfolios.

Solar Asset Management Software

We provide our customers with full asset life cycle management software tools and capabilities:

  • Real-time Monitoring & Control
  • Operations Management
  • Performance & Yield Optimization
  • Reporting, Planning, and Budgeting
  • Mobile Applications

SaaS Applications are accessible from any location with secure Internet access using mobile App or computer Web Browser.

Envision EnsightTM Solar

Transforming Raw Data to Meaningful Actions

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Introduction to EnsightTM

EnsightTM for Solar is advanced analytics for solar photovoltaic power plants. It calculates several key performance indicators (KPIs), and offers detailed breakdowns of system losses using state-of-the-art algorithms and models to proactively inform asset managers, operations and maintenance (O&M) teams, and insurance underwriters on the as-built performance of photovoltaic plants.

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Comprehensive Energy
Loss Analytics

Ensight Solar provides extensive analytics tools and capabilities. Plant-level losses are disaggregated into specific categories that are modeled, tracked, and can be leveraged for corrective actions.

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Corrective Action

Limited O&M resources can be focused on corrective actions to maximize operational efficiency and financial returns.

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Real-time Monitoring & Control with Advanced Reporting

Portfolio of renewable generation assets (Solar, Wind) is managed through a single login dashboard with an easy navigation to monitor portfolio or site specific operation and performance parameters.

Smart alarms improves operator’s efficiency with quick time-to- detection and time-to-resolution diagnostics tools and capabilities.

Reports are tailored towards operator and asset manager needs.

The EnOS IoT Platform with Modular SaaS Applications

A Comprehensive & Integrated Solution

Highly advanced monitoring, control, and analytics solution suite with extensive reporting and smart alarm management functionalities. This comprehensive energy IoT architecture is designed for portfolio and site level services. The EnOS IoT platform works in conjunction with EnOS Universal SCADA and DAS as well as 3rd-party at-site systems.


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