The Energy Internet

Using advanced sensors and software applications to connect billions of devices, machines and systems from energy generation, transaction and consumption processes is the foundation of the Energy Internet.

Energy Ecosystem

Through smart technology, collaboration and synergies a new energy market place is evolving. It requires an ecosystem of partners to design, develop and deploy applications at scale and speed. Envision has begun to build this energy ecosystem. We have invested in the world largest electric vehicle charging network company ChargePoint, the worlds’ leading smart grid big data provider AutoGrid, and the largest European energy storage service provider, and have acquired exclusive access to BazeField, the second largest renewable energy assets management software company in Europe.Together we are connecting thousands of wind turbines, solar plants, batteries, charging stations and energy consumption devices.

Orchestrating our homes for energy independence

Orchestrating our neighborhoods for communal sharing

Orchestrating cities as vibrant places to live & work


EnOSTM is a smart, scalable and open platform that is enabling the Internet of Things for Energy; the Energy Internet. Through real-time computing and data analysis it provides intelligent control for how, where and when devices produce, store and use energy.

Orchestrating all types of energy infrastructure, EnOSTM connects renewable energy generation, energy storage, electric vehicles, smart grids, smart meters and appliances, and other breakthrough technologies. It is the complete solution for a future connected energy world.

EnOSTM combines:

  • Connectivity
  • Real-time computing
  • Big data platform
  • Device library
  • Domain knowledge
  • Open platform
  • Application ecosystem
  • Insights though data analysis

EnOS orchestrates beautiful energy, taking us into the Energy Internet Era.