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Envision Plans to Launch Global Digital Hub in Singapore

Envision Team

SINGAPORE [October 24th, 2017] – Envision, the world’s leading renewable technology and energy IoT platform company, today announced a strategic plan to establish a new Global Digital  Hub in Singapore.

The Global Digital Hub will house Envision’s Global Digital R&D Centre and Internet of Things (IoT) and smart cities business. It builds on Envision’s existing global footprint of centres of excellence, currently located across Silicon Valley, Denmark, Germany, and China.

As a strategic investment of Envision, this digital hub will be aligned with Singapore’s Smart Nation programme, by fostering local innovation activities and pursuing global technological and commercial excellence.

Envision Founder and CEO Lei Zhang said: “Envision is inspired by the Singapore Smart Nation commitment. Our Global Digital Innovation Hub will benefit from the smart city applications and talents developed in Singapore, and we can also provide a digital operating platform for smart cities and stimulate an IoT innovation ecosystem here.”

The Hub will leverage EnOS™, Envision’s energy IoT platform, to accelerate renewable energy and IoT technology innovations.

EnOS™ is a smart, scalable and open platform that connects silo data and systems to enable the Internet of Things for Energy. EnOS™ is currently the world’s largest energy IoT platform, which helps manage over 100GW of energy assets globally. It covers multiple business domains including wind power, solar PV systems, thermal power plants, EV and charging networks, storage batteries, smart grids, smart buildings, smart homes, smart cities, and intelligent electrical terminals. Envision is building an intelligent global energy ecosystem with EnOS™ by cooperating with the world’s leading enterprises and strategically investing in companies.

Envision intends to hire more than 200 professionals involved in big data & analytics, machine learning & AI, IoT, security, project engineering as well as regional management in Singapore. The Hub is designed to include a demonstration and training centre of global best practices and an accelerator programme. Building on Envision’s start-up incubator programme that includes start-ups globally, Envision plans to create an accelerator programme to better support future applications and solutions.

Mr Chng Kai Fong, Managing Director of the Singapore Economic Development Board, said, “Envision’s decision to establish its Global Digital Hub in Singapore is a strong testament to the attractiveness of our digital ecosystem and will support Singapore’s vision to be the leading Asian clean energy hub. The investment will create more opportunities for businesses in Singapore including energy technology start-ups to work with Envision to harness digitalisation and develop innovative solutions in renewable energies and smart cities.”

Envision is looking to work with partners to jointly explore and develop projects that help build the global energy ecosystem and create a sustainable future.