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Envision Energy unveils advanced energy operating system EnOS™ for the Energy Internet area

Envision Team

26 September 2016, Shanghai – Envision Energy, one of the world’s largest smart energy management companies, today unveils its proprietary energy operating system EnOS™.

EnOS™ is a smart, scalable and open platform that is enabling the Internet of Things for Energy; the Energy Internet. Through real-time computing and data analysis it provides intelligent control for how, where and when devices produce, store and use energy.

Orchestrating all types of energy infrastructure, EnOS™ connects wind turbines, PV panel, energy storage, electric vehicles, smart grids, smart meters and home appliances, and other energy devices and machines. EnOS™ enables the social network of devices and machines in the future energy world.

The global roll out of EnOS™ will enable homes, neighbourhoods and cities to become self-sustained sustainable power plants.

Envision founder and CEO Lei Zhang, commented: “Envision has a Beautiful Energy Vision. Natural energy like wind and solar is green, free, and abundant. Through smart technology and collaboration, with EnOS orchestrating all elements of the energy ecosystem we can make beautiful energy a reality.”

Built upon on EnOS™, Envision’s Wind and Solar asset management applications are currently managing more than 50GW of renewable energy assets globally.

Over the last two years Envision has been building an ecosystem of companies to enable the Energy Internet, connecting smart energy generation, smart energy consumption and smart energy storage.

Envision has invested in the world largest electric vehicle charging network company ChargePoint, the world’s leading smart grid big data provider AutoGrid, the Europe’s leading energy storage service provider, and the IoT Security as a Service company Protectwise , and acquired exclusive access to BazeField, the Europe’s leading renewable energy assets management software company in Europe.

In this evolving energy ecosystem, EnOS™ leverages these partners and creating synergies

EnOS is available immediately, worldwide.