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Envision Energy launches energy analytics platform EnSight™

Envision Team

26 September 2016, Shanghai – Envision Energy is launching EnSight™, the wind industry’s most comprehensive energy analytics platform, as part of its complete suite of smart energy management products.

EnSight™ uses physics-based models trained with big data to reduce uncertainty and provide straightforward, statistically significant underperformance detection with recommended remedial actions. These actionable insights optimize wind farm performance resulting in maximum financial returns.

Features & Benefits

  • Enhanced power curves that enable users to recognize, understand, and filter out anomalous data seamlessly.
  • Prescriptive analytics from real-time weather and performance data, component messages, service reports, and comparable model performance to not only diagnose issues, but also prescribe specific improvements, including:
    • Yaw optimization, which detects wind vane misalignment and provides precise corrective actions;
    • Pitch schedule optimization & change detection that identifies real-time anomalous pitch measurements, allowing for remediation and minimization of power loss;
    • Torque schedule optimization & change detection, which offers precise torque turning adjustments to real-time performance changes; and
    • Sensor anomaly detection with proprietary algorithms that quickly flag and isolate erroneous sensors, leading to cleaner and more accurate data.
  • Wake loss analytics that identifies individual turbines operating in wake conditions and calculates actual energy and revenue loss.

EnSight’s™ flexible modules offer a customized suite of software features, delivering the ideal combination of data, analytics, and control to fit the unique needs of any wind farm.

Envision founder and CEO Lei Zhang, commented: “I believe that building a new world of sustainable energy provides a solution to the world’s current challenges. Next-generation wind turbine manufacturing and integrated management is a key element in realizing this future. EnSight™ can help wind farm operators optimize management of their assets, improving performance, and coming one step closer to providing clean, affordable and sustainable energy for all.”

Wind turbines are complex assets whose performance evaluation can be affected by a multitude of environmental and extraneous factors. Envision Energy combines industry-leading expertise from turbine manufacturing, wind farm management, and big data analytics to deliver energy management software products that enable full visibility and control for wind farm operators.

EnSight™ is available immediately, worldwide.

Product brochure is available for download at http://www.envision-energy.com/latest/research/